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Posted by Aron Filbert | April 11, 2010

SEO is no replacement for good content

This post represents a distillation of my responses to one of the most common questions that I frequently get. “How do I get better SEO?” Most people, when they ask this question, are looking to get more exposure through a better search engine ranking.

AS far as SEO is concerned. It’s like I tell most people… SEO isn’t some quick panacea in terms of exposure. Exposure comes as a direct result of existing exposure. It’s true. Everybody’s vying for the same slice of the pie so adding a couple meta keywords, titles, and descriptions to your site isn’t going to get you there.

SEO is just a means by which to effectively direct search engines to your relevant and frequently updated content. It does not serve as a replacement for good content.

It’s about content and how tapped into the internet community you are. How many links out there in internet land lead back to your website? Any from youtube, facebook, twitter? Harnessing social media is a sure fire way to tap into a very large and thriving community. It’s a tool. Bill McCoy from Virginia recently wrote a quick email to the Signal 88 Franchise Group on this very subject. I had this to say in response:

I agree with Bill here on Twitter. Like I say to everyone who sneers in derision when I mention Facebook or Twitter… sure you can be interested only in what Ashton Kutcher had for breakfast… OR, you can use it like the tool it is. An effective tool in the right hands can work wonders. Don’t underestimate the power of social media to bring real $$$ benefit. What’s the ROI? It’s what you make it. How you use the tool determines that.

I did a quick discussion write up on this very subject on Lyconic’s facebook fan page here:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Quick Tips & Resources

Get out there!

Start a blog that has relevant and helpful information germane to your craft, specialty, or field of business. This, if done well, will foster a community and links back to your site. Those links will promote your exposure further on search engines. Content is KING. Irrelevant and shoddy content will be the death knell for exposure no matter how optimized your website is for search engines. SEO is just a means by which to effectively direct search engines to your relevant and frequently updated content. It does not serve as a replacement for good content.

If you don’t have the time and patience to gain traction organically, you can always go the AdWords route (which can be kinda expensive). This is a hit or miss thing. If you’re going the AdWords route because you don’t have good content, SEO, and inroads into a thriving internet community… then your investment in AdWords will only go so far. AdWords should be the perfect compliment to existing exposure. Another way of looking at this is that there are only so many people who actually pay attention to the sponsored Ads at the top of a Google search… for all the rest, you want what I discussed above.

There are any number of companies that will be glad to take your money with a smile on their face and then laugh all the way to the bank having you believe that you’re getting some bang for your SEO buck. If you’re going to invest any money at all in it… save your money for the AdWords setup and strategies. Everything else you can probably do on your own more effectively than most SEO optimizers (a blog about your business will be most effective in your hands… ‘cause it’s your business!)

Of note:

One more interesting consideration is the responsiveness of your website. How quickly your website server responds to requests is now factored into how Google ranks your site in search results.

It’s Official: Google Now Counts Site Speed As A Ranking Factor