We continue to field questions concerning termination of Patrolguide and Inteliguide. Lyconic has NOT terminated any services effective June 2, 2016. We intend to fully comply with a decision issued and judicially confirmed in arbitration of a dispute between Lyconic and Signal 88. Pursuant to the arbitration decision, issued on April 25, 2016, Lyconic is obligated to provide access to Inteliguide and Patrolguide to franchisees through November 11, 2016, and we will continue to honor our contractual obligations.

We continue to receive complaints from Franchise owners that are no longer able to log into Inteliguide. The Inteliguide & Patrolguide login screens are available and the service is fully functional, but Signal 88 has archived all Franchises. This means that any login attempts will be unsuccessful. In order to log into the system, at least one Franchise needs to be active. Signal 88 must reach out to us and request that we manually reactivate at least one Franchise in order to allow continued account maintenance.

We have notified Signal 88 that we are receiving requests for access from franchisees and have provided instructions to Signal 88 for restoring access, but we have not been instructed or authorized to reactivate accounts. We are unable to grant owners access to the system without express permission from Signal 88. Please contact Signal 88 directly to request reinstatement of your Franchise.

Lyconic team - June 10, 2016